C-FLEX was developed during the Advanced Embodiment Design project (TU Delft) collaboration with Philips Floorcare. The brief that we received from Philips was to design and prototype a bagless minimal stick-type vacuum cleaner.

Concept design

An innovative design driven by the idea of symbiosis. When the vacuum cleaner is stored, it acts as a lighting ornament. The design allows users to grab-and-vacuum their living environment. The design was elevated and engineered into a functional prototype.

The team

As part of the TU Delft design team, I was responsible for user research, project management, the concept- and physical development work.

This project would not have been possible without Fermin Espin Franco, Heidi Lee, Mathijs ter Kuile, Ruben Baldewsing & Melle Grössl, who have done an impressive job in making the final working prototype.