is a social initiative I've co-founded and built in cooperation with fellow TU Delft design engineering student and good friend Thijs Schippers.

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Introduction is an online social platform targeted to Dutch people with broken products. It connects those people with their skilled neighbours: facilitating a cheap, social and sustainable repair.

How it all started

In early 2014, co-founder Thijs and I were thinking out loud. Consumerism has a huge impact on the planet. A lot of household items are thrown away because of a small malfunction. Also, we figured that there are a lot of skilled people in the Netherlands who would like to have a repair-project to work on in their spare time. A part-time car mechanic, a computer science students or a retired seamstress: they all would like to help their neighbours out, right?

After joyful reactions of friends and family, we decided that it would be awesome to take '' to the next level: a working prototype. We ordered a lot of business cards and got to work programming. After nearly a year of evening website building (next to our regular studies), a functional site was up and running.

Introduction film

To facilitate the launch of, we made a simple animation video (English subtitles) explaining shortly what is all about.


And then there was media coverage. After our first press release, we were contacted by several major Dutch news outlets: blogs, radio shows, magazines and newspapers. 

Newspaper articles by the Telegraaf and AD can be viewed by clicking on the links. A nice little article in Flow magazine can be found here. At the time I was on the radio show with Gijs Staverman (NPO2), which can be reviewed here (or on youtube).