DateJanuary 2016


The 'Hoogzitter' (English: 'high-seater') is a new seating solution that I've developed for Connexxion. It's based on a 'stand up chair' principle and it enables passengers to travel in comfort while their luggage is not a burden to other passengers.




Trolley grip

Keeps a suitcase trolley in place during the busride

Bucket seat

For comfort and lateral support to the passengers


Easily attachable to the floor of the bus

Tubular frame

Strong tubular frame with a familiar look & feel

Trouble in the aisle

Connexxion wanted to find a convenient way of keeping luggage out of the aisle. This is particularly a problem on the Schiphol Airport express busses. People want to have their luggage in sight at all times, and as close as possible. Almost no traveller uses the dedicated luggage space on the bus.

People & their luggage

To relly get a feeling of all the aspects of the problem I went to Schiphol and took the Connexxion expressbus to Leidseplein. I did a quick research. 8 out of 10 passengers were using a trolley suitcase. The following graphic shows how passengers store their suitcases in the current situation.


in front of seat


next to seat in aisle


standing in aisle


in luggage space

3D model (drag to turn around)