Seventies Senseo

DateJanuary 2013


“Choose a modern day electronic appliance, and make a redesign in which you apply the form language of another era.” I am quoting the course manual of ‘Design Experience’: a course in the first year of my design education in Delft.

Senseo Twist

I’m an absolute fan of the German design in the seventies. The geometrical shapes by Dieter Rams and the minimalistic Braun appliances.
I figured that the Senseo Twist was too far from the raw essence of what a product should look like.

Time to redesign

So It was time to make a redesign. I created a form-language collage and found a lot of elements that I could use in my Senseo with a seventies-twist. The result is a minimalistic and orange coffee maker.

3D model (drag to turn around)