IoT Asset Tracker

SODAQ TRACK is a mass produced industrial GPS Asset Tracking system. I designed it during my time as an industrial design engineer at SODAQ, a Hilversum-based Internet of Things company specializing in low-power tracking and sensing devices.

TRACK comes in LiPo, AA-powered and Solar Powered variants. Key challenges during this project were waterproofing at scale, shockproofing and impact resistance. We managed to get all versions of TRACK fully IP67 certified, as well as ISO 16750-3 (Road Vehicles) compliant.

Industrial asset tracking

SODAQ TRACK is a versatile asset tracker tailored for industrial needs. From container shipping to closed supply chain management, its robust design ensures reliable tracking in various environments. Notably, all wheelchairs at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are fitted with TRACK - allowing Schiphol to retrieve lost/stolen wheelchairs (yes, that happens!)


Accessories for TRACK

In addition to the main product, we developed a quick-release bracket specifically for SODAQ TRACK, compatible with both button and solar versions. As the team lead, I oversaw the accessory design process, ensuring seamless integration with the tracker while my team executed the detailed work.