The vision

In times of smartphone photography and instant sharing it can be hard to take a moment and reflect.

Retrospect represents a new movement. We call it the ‘almost analog approach’. Reliving the old days, without the hassles of the old days.

The camera is disconnected, it doesn’t need cables and it doesn’t distract you from being in the present. Still, Retrospect offers an SD card full of memories for later.

Solar power

Retrospect is a sustainable replacement for the single-use disposable cameras that people use at parties and holidays.

To be able to operate the camera without the need for plugging it into a charger, Retrospect utilizes solar power. A few hours in bright sunlight can fully charge the 200mAh battery.


Here's an impression of the small-scale assembly setup.

Prototyping & production

Twelve working prototypes were created by 3D-printing and by soldering together camera PCBs, solar panels, batteries and charging controllers. With the prototyped cameras, an extensive user test with the target audience of young adults was conducted.

Currently, I am sourcing a production partner for producing an initial batch of Retrospect-units.